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We're on a roll recently, with two more clients sending us some wonderful feedback.


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We Support Fire Door Safety Week

Fire Door Safety Week has come back around, and once again Noberne is throwing all our support behind it. Fire Doors are a vital part of any buildings fire safety measures. As well as being a legal requirement, they are essential necessities to ensure the safety of people within the building. They really can mean life of death for somebody.

Fire doors are more than regular doors. They are constructed from specialist materials and have other additions, such as intumescent seals, which mean they offer a greater fire safety rating than normal doors. Most are rated to 30 or 60 minutes. This extra time could buy a person that is trapped extra time to escape, or survive until the emergency services arrive.

This is why Fire Door Safety Week was launched. In order to raise awareness for the importance of fire doors, fire door safety week aims to highlight how fire doors work, and how to use them properly. It is unfortunate that when budget comes into play, fire doors are often one of the first places where people look to save money. However, it is no exaggeration to say that they quite literally save lives.

To pledge your support for Fire Door Safety Week, like NoberneSeals has, just click here

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