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The Importance of Risk Assessments within

When it comes to theatre performances, fire safety is key. Before any show is put on stage, fire risk assessments must be carried out to ensure that the production team, ...
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Smoke Awareness

Whilst the heat from fires can leave victims with devastating burns, the most dangerous part of a blaze is the smoke. Even isolated from large fires, regularly being within the vicinity of high concentrations of smoke can be detrimental to your respiratory system.

Vulnerable people especially, including pregnant women, elderly citizens, children, developing teenagers and those with diabetes should all be weary of smoke concentration if a large blaze has occurred recently; this involves visiting bonfire displays. Around this time of year, festivities can influence attractive displays featuring the burning of flammable goods, in which case, be especially weary of what materials you are burning as some give off more harmful gasses than others.

If you find yourself wheezing, producing phlegm, coughing or suffering from burning eyes then these are common symptoms of high concentrations of smoke. Within your households, and workplaces, taking necessary precautionary measures in the event of a fire can delay the spread time long enough to save a life. Products such as smoke seals expand in the event of a fire and are unobtrusive upon installation. When purchasing smoke seals, make sure that they are fire rated an accredited and audited scheme.

At Noberne, all of products are tried and tested, from acoustic doors to glazing seals. Recently, we have become exclusive stockists of Blue60 in the north of England. To enquire about our fire-resistant products give us a call on 0113 271 3266. 

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