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School and Road Closed after Fire Breaks

Firefighters from across the city and county of Leicester were faced with tackling a blaze that began in a home in the village of Ratby, this week. The fire broke out in a ...
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Fire Safety Myths: Uncovered

Fire safety can save lives. It's crucial that everyone has a level of understanding about how to keep safe in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, we come across false information and statistics too often – which is why we're sharing some of the most common fire safety myths.

  • Smoke detectors are everlasting – WRONG! Smoke detectors are subject to wear and tear as dust and grease can coat the sensors and trigger false alarms. You should regularly test and clean your alarm. Smoke detectors should be tested no less than once per month and kept clean and free from dust. It’s important that you and your colleagues are smoke aware – to avoid any fatalities during a crisis.


  • Fatalities are mostly caused by flames – This is a common misconception. Whilst fire causes serious burns and damage, the number one cause of death in the event of a fire is smoke inhalation. So, how can smoke be more dangerous than fire? The effects of smoke inhalation can take effect within as little as two minutes, causing a person to lose consciousness. The main reason carbon monoxide is known as the ‘silent killer.’


  • Using flame resistant paint makes doors and furniture fireproof – When painting furniture or an internal door, it’s smart to consider using a flame-resistant paint, but this should never be considered an effective method of stopping the spread of fire. Fire doors are called just that because they slow the spread of fire due to the materials they are made of.


When it comes to fire safety, it’s extremely important you know what to do. Having an escape plan in place for if disaster strikes can say yours and those around you. Fire and smoke seals can buy up to 30 minutes of time for you to carry out the correct measures.

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