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The Most Common Causes of Domestic Fires

All fires need a combination of oxygen, heat and fuel to start and spread, and these three things can come from any number of sources. Here are some of the most common causes ...
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Product Spotlight: Glazing Seals

We’re not shy when it comes to talking about our fire safety products. Mainly focusing articles and posts on fire and smoke seals however, has lead us to neglect to educate our audience on glazing seals. Glazing ...
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The Importance of Fire Safety in Restaurants

When it comes to the restaurant industry, safety is essential. Food hygiene is hammered into business owners from the get-go, in order to make their ...
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Where Finger Guards Might Be Useful

At Noberne, we stock a variety of door safety products. Despite us emphasising fire safety and how to prevent smoke inhalation, there are number of ...
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