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The Most Common Causes of Domestic Fires

All fires need a combination of oxygen, heat and fuel to start and spread, and these three things can come from any number of sources. Here are some of the most common causes ...
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How To Prevent Extensive Fires and Property Damage

This week, Twitter trends saw the hashtag “TriggersMeIn4Words” which we took as an opportunity to briefly inform our followers of how some of the fires that occur every day could’ve been prevented. ...
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Why Your New Year Resolutions Should Include Fire Safety

As we enter 2019, Noberne Seals would firstly like to say we hope you all had a fantastic New Year. If you are setting some new year’s ...
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Tea-Light Fire Safety Over Christmas

Ahead of the Christmas break, West Yorkshire Fire Service released some safety information regarding the use of tealights, which are often used more ...
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