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We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service here at Noberne Seals, so when we receive some validation from a customer that we're doing things right, it goes ...
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Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire can be devastating. Violent flames can tear apart businesses and even lives. In the UK, there are around 22,000 fires each year in workplaces, which, according to experts, could be more than halved if employers and employees took the correct safety measures when at work. As an employer/business owner, it is your duty to ensure that your property features proper fire safety measures and equipment.

This being said, your employees must also take fire safety precautions when at work. Small gestures such as ensuring waste goes in correct disposal bins and that wires and plugs are kept neat and tidy, will make a huge difference to how safe your building is. In fact, a quarter of workplace fires are caused by faulty electrics – through overloaded circuits, poor maintenance and bad workmanship.

As we mentioned above, correct disposal of waste items within the workplace is also a massive attribute to fire safety. Failure to place flammable items in designated bins or waste disposals can pose as a threat to your property and safety. It’s also important to remember to keep exits free of flammable items and waste – although it seems tedious, something as simple as taking bin bags outside to the dustbin, instead of leaving it by the door for someone else could save a life.

Across England and Wales, 26,170 arson attacks were recorded by police in 2016-17 - a rise of 21% from 21,664 the year before. This is why it’s incredibly important you focus on fire safety, to avoid causalities, if the tragedy of being victimised was to occur.

Small amendments such as a designated smoking area, regular electrical maintenance and creating a bin-emptying routine can make the world of difference to your fire safety.

Noberne specialise in fire safety seals that in effect, buy time during a blaze, for those trapped to find a way out and/or help. For more information on our products, call us today on 0113 2713266.

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