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Where Finger Guards Might Be Useful

At Noberne, we stock a variety of door safety products. Despite us emphasising fire safety and how to prevent smoke inhalation, there are number of other benefits to our ...
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What Can NoberneSeals Offer Your Commercial Property?

At Noberne Seals, our aim is to offer market leading solutions to your fire protection problems. Through our amazing suppliers Lorient, Pyroplex and Sealmaster, we are able to provide high-quality products for commercial and domestic properties at great value for money. Our dedication to fantastic customer service allows us to provide fast delivery and lead times, for 100% customer satisfaction.

So, aside from brilliant customer service, what can we offer your commercial property?

  • Fire Protection – The main focus of our business is fire safety. We offer this through fire Intumescent strips, seals and smoke seals. All of these products offer a choice of 30 and 60 minutes of protection in the event of a fire. When exposed to heat, these seals and strips expand, sealing off the gaps around doors and windows, defending against flames and toxic fumes. The benefits of these range from employee protection to reducing the damage.
  • Sound Insulation – For businesses that require privacy and silence, we can offer acoustic seals that reduce the sound travelling in and out of a room. This is perfect for offices that require privacy for meetings or just silence to concentrate on important work. Our range of acoustic seals are designed to comply with the latest building regulations, such as Approved Document E and Approved Document M. Our most popular seal is the Lorient LAS8001si.
  • Energy Efficiency – With energy prices rising, the Winter months can be a struggle for independent businesses. Our range of energy saving seals can be fitted around doors and windows to exclude draughts. Preventing draughts alone could save you 5-30% per year. In addition we also supply energy saving tape, which you can use to seal those more awkward areas, such as letterboxes or smaller holes around a chimney.

If you feel like your business or commercial property could benefit from our services or for more information on any of the products mentioned, feel free to call us on 0113 2713266.

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