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Household Appliances are Still A Fire Risk

In previous posts we have spoken about fire safety in the home, and the risks posed by various ...
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Tea-Light Fire Safety Over Christmas

Ahead of the Christmas break, West Yorkshire Fire Service released some safety information regarding the use of tealights, which are often used more frequently during the Christmas period.

Candles on their own pose a huge fire risk, in London alone there are on average 21 fires a month caused by candles between February and October, rising to 29 per month in the Winter months.

But tea lights are often considered a risk unto themselves as they are much more prevalent and are often used without a proper candle holder.

This is why the advice released by West Yorkshire Fire Service pertains specifically to tea lights.

The advice includes:

  • Place tealights/candles on an even, non-combustible surface in an appropriate holder.
  • Don't leave them unattended and make sure they are put out properly.
  • Keep them away from combustible items and keep them well out of the reach of pets and children.
  • Due to the high temperatures created and transmitted through the metal base, a tealight can burn through plastic surfaces. If it drops, for example through a TV unit, it can then ignite and quickly spread to the rest of the room.
  • Glass shelves can shatter from conducted heat.
  • Don't leave spent matches/paper in the tealight while the candle is in use - this can cause liquid wax to reach temperatures of over 300 degrees Celsius with a flame up to six inches which massively increases the chance of incidents occurring.
  • Don't extinguish tealights with water as it can create a mini ‘chip pan’ effect.
  • Install a smoke detector and test it regularly.

As suppliers of fire and smoke seals we know first hand just how damaging house fires can be. As well as the physical damage caused to people and property by fire, there are the lasting mental affects that people equally suffer with.

To find out more about Noberne Seals can help you protect yourself and your home through out passive fire protection supplies just call us on 0113 271 3266 or via this contact form.

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