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The Most Common Causes of Domestic Fires

All fires need a combination of oxygen, heat and fuel to start and spread, and these three things can come from any number of sources. Here are some of the most common causes ...
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Modern Day Property Fires Are More Deadly Than Ever

In today’s era, more extravagant designs and features are being added to the average domestic and commercial property. This is to make them seem modernised and more appealing to the current and next generation of investors and buyers. Sounds delightful, right? Wrong.

As exciting as building design can be, it can also pose a massive threat to occupants. In modern day builds, a study by National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded that, compared to 40 years ago, homes and properties have a significantly lower estimated time to escape a blaze.

In the 1970s, people had around 17 minutes to escape a burning building whereas now it’s as little as 3 minutes. This is due to the synthetic materials used in the construction and design. The materials are far more flammable than those used back in the 60s and 70s. They fuel fire rather than protect against it and can make smoke more toxic at a faster rate.

In simple terms, modern day fires are more deadly than fires that occurred 40 years ago.

Our advice to all property owners would be to consider fire safety from the very beginning – before moving in and starting the interior design process. Installing Intumescent strips, smoke alarms and ensuring that all the fire exits are reachable could be the different between life and death in a fire.

Intumescent strips protect against fire for up to 60 minutes. They do they by expanding when exposed to heat, closing the gaps around doors so that the blaze cannot reach the other side of it. This is crucial as it allows you time to escape or for help to find you if you’re trapped.

Noberne Seals stock a variety of fire and smoke seals, including Intumescent strips. For more information on our products, call us today on 0113 2713266.

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