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When To Use Acoustic Seals

There are many buildings in the Leeds area that would benefit massively from acoustic seals such as office buildings, schools and drama theatres - however not everyone knows ...
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Fire Safety: Pancake Day

Pancake Day is popular for many things, watching that same family member each year attempting to flip the pancake and mostly failing. As funny as this may be, it can be dangerous. When using stoves and hot oiled frying pans, you must take extreme care.

House fires occur every single day in the UK. One of the main causes of domestic fires is careless cooking – this can be anything from lack of attention to being intoxicated when using kitchen appliances and flammable products.

Although it seems like common sense, we’ve put together three fire-safety MUSTS for Pancake Day.

  1. Never leave a pan unattended – When a pan is on the heat, do not leave it unattended. Fires can spark and spread fast so to avoid this, you need to dedicate your full attention to the stove. It’s also important that you supervise children when around frying pans too as curiosity could lead to serious accidents.  
  2. Do not move a pan if it’s on fire – Again, fires can spread incredibly quickly. If your pan happens to catch light, do not attempt to move it. Instead use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket to put out the blaze. DO NOT POUR WATER ONTO IT. Because of the oils in the pan, pouring water on the pan can cause a bigger, uncontrollable fire.
  3. Avoid pouring contents onto smoking oil – If your oil is giving off smoke, this is a bad sign. Do not pour mixture into a pan of smoking oil. If you discover that your oil is smoking, remove it from the heat and allow to cool before emptying it out and starting again.

Noberne Seals stock a range of fire and smoke seals which can be fitted around doors to protect against toxic fumes and flames. With protection up to 60 minutes, fire seals are essential for both domestic and commercial properties. Expanding when exposed to heat, fire seals act as a barrier between each side of the door, so flames can’t reach the opposite side.

In a fire, every minute counts, which is why fire seals are so important. Buying up to 60 minutes, the seals allow you time to escape and call for help. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you’d like more fire safety advice, feel free to contact Noberne Seals on 0113 2713266 or click here.

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