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When To Use Acoustic Seals

There are many buildings in the Leeds area that would benefit massively from acoustic seals such as office buildings, schools and drama theatres - however not everyone knows ...
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What Makes a Fire Door?

More often than not, Fire Doors are at best overlooked and at worst thought of as a burden. They are viewed as a box ticking exercise by the construction company who builds the commercial property, or the architect who designs it. Then, once the property is inhabited the tenants ignore best practice by either blocking or propping them open.

This is obviously dangerous as fire doors play a vital role in the safety of the property. But it is also a shame as there is a lot of work that goes into fire doors, and to overlook them is a slight to the thought and time that goes into developing them.

So in this post we want to give a quick run down of everything that makes up a fire door.

Timber – the main part of the fire door is typically made from solid timber, which when treated is resistant to fire. In some instances the timber frame is then covered in fire resistant glass.

If the fire door has a glass window in it then it will require window seals – these seals are also fire resistant and stop a gap being created between the glass panel and the door when the temperature rises.

Hinges – even the hinges of a fire door should have adequate fire protection, and are often backed with intumescent materials to add further fire resistance and protection.

The frame is also a vital part of a fire door and in an ideal world the frame and door would be bought together as a set. By doing so the gap around the edge of the door can be consistent and within the legal standards of 4mm.

Speaking of the gaps – these are closely regulated to ensure that the fire/intumescent and smoke seals that are fitted are effective. These are often overlooked but are an essential part of a fire door that are key to preventing the passage of fire and smoke for either 30 or 60 minutes.

To finish it off, the door should have a closer installed, to ensure that the door closes behind people – remember the only effective fire door is a closed one.

If you have questions about fire doors, or any of the components that go into them, just give us a call. Our friendly team would be more than happy to have a chat. Call us on 0113 271 3266.

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