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Another Great Testimonial

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service here at Noberne Seals, so when we receive some validation from a customer that we're doing things right, it goes ...
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Household Appliances are Still A Fire Risk

In previous posts we have spoken about fire safety in the home, and the risks posed by various appliances if not managed and looked after properly. One unfortunate incident which recently happened in Somerset served to highlight these risks.

In the incident the two residents of the property were taken to hospital for treatment, and a third was treated for smoke inhalation. Once a fire starts in a home, the speed at which it can spread is terrifying. The caravan parked in the driveway was also ruined in the blaze. It took a total of 10 firefighters to tackle and subdue the blaze in the semi-detached property.

You can read the article in the North Somerset Times here.

As a response to this incident Avon Fire and Rescue are once again highlighting the safety measures that should be associated with using tumble dryers. These are:

  • Don’t leave dryers unattended when in use.
  • Don’t use dryers overnight, when in bed.
  • Only put clothing in the dryer.
  • Regularly clean filters and remove build-up of lint.
  • Don’t overload dryers.
  • Don’t dry large bulky items or trainers.
  • Don’t put drenched clothing in dryers, wring/spin first.
  • Ensure ducting is clear and free of build-up.
  • Ensure external vent is clear and unobstructed.
  • Ensure your property has working smoke alarms.

While tumble dryers are the main cause of fires in the home, they are not alone. Washing machines are known to regularly cause fires and of course it was a faulty fridge which started the Grenfell Fire disaster.

There are a few rules of thumb which we advise all homeowners and tenants to follow to ensure that they minimise the risk of a fire starting in their home.

Do not leave them unattended – never leave a tumble dryer or washing machine unattended. The heat that these machines generate means that fires can start startingly easy. While it may be tempting to set the washing machine going on a cycle then leave your home, it is advised that you never do so.

Never cook drunk – there is a surprising number of fires started by people trying to cook when they are drunk. There are two reasons for this, they either fall asleep while their food is cooking, or simply make a mistake. Then, because they are intoxicated, they are not in the best state to deal with it should a situation arise.

Candles – best practice dictates that candles should never really be used in the home. But if they are then ensure they are never left unattended, are always on a flat surface and always placed on a flat fire proof tray.

Noberne Seals are leading suppliers of passive fire protection. We supply fire and smoke seals, glazing seal and acoustic seals amongst many other products. To find out more simply give us a call on 0113 271 3266.

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