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When To Use Acoustic Seals

There are many buildings in the Leeds area that would benefit massively from acoustic seals such as office buildings, schools and drama theatres - however not everyone knows ...
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Architectural Seals Products

The Sealmaster and AURA® ranges embrace a discerning selection of drop seals, perimeter seals, door bottom seals, threshold plates and ramps - all with strong design accents.

Lorient AURA® 

Every detail of the AURA® product range is considered and designed to integrate more successfully into beautifully designed doorsets and floors. A number of signature design details feature within the AURA® range; including a distinctive curved profile, which not only creates a sophisticated visual aesthetic, but also spreads and diffuses sound.

AURA® threshold plates and ramps incorporate hardwearing tread strips which deliver greater grip under foot. The unique reversible design provides either a smooth or ridged surface, depending on practical and aesthetic preferences. Wherever possible, AURA® fixings are completely concealed, enhancing the overall finish, preserving clean lines and curves, while also improving security and safety.

All products are manufactured to Lorient's exacting standards. AURA® perimeter seals and drop seals have been successfully tested for acoustic and smoke containment.

Sealmaster Smartseal Technology

Sealmaster seals are engineered for the highest attainable performance in air leakage and water permeability tests. High performance delivers greater energy efficiency and a longer working life - making Sealmaster products the obvious choice for long term value. 

From £10.17 + Vat AURA AAS4502 25mm Threshold Plate
From £13.25 + Vat AURA AAS4503 40mm Threshold Plate
From £18.20 + Vat AURA AAS4504 75mm Threshold Plate
From £28.30 + Vat AURA AAS4505 100mm Threshold Plate
From £34.48 + Vat AURA AAS4506 125mm Threshold Plate
From £42.40 + Vat AURA AAS4507 150mm Threshold Plate
From £40.68 + Vat AURA AAS4508 Threshold Plate
From £23.80 + Vat AURA AAS4551 Threshold Ramp
From £33.35 + Vat AURA AAS4552 Threshold Ramp
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