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There are many buildings in the Leeds area that would benefit massively from acoustic seals such as office buildings, schools and drama theatres - however not everyone knows ...
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With energy prices rising and the winter months upon us, the need to save energy in your home is greater than ever. Noberne Seals has a range of energy saving seals that will not only save energy but can also protect it from the weather, such as wind and rain.

Our energy saving seals can be fitted to doors and windows to help exclude drafts from the home. This is important as energy savings from drafts alone could save you 5-30% per year. In addition we also supply energy saving tape, which you can use to seal those more awkward areas where a regular energy saving seal would be inappropriate, such as letterboxes or smaller holes around a chimney.

One of the most popular energy saving seals that we stock is the Superseal Draught Excluding Seals. This cheap and easy to install seal is perfect to stop drafts between rooms in your home. The seal is perfect for use on internal doors and is constructed using anodised aluminium with a black nylon brush.

Our weather seals come in a range of different colours to ensure that they blend into your doorframes or window frames without disruption to the design. With a choice of white, brown and black they are certain to blend in to any frame easily.

To guarantee that you keep heat in your home Noberne Seals recommend that you use compression seals part of our weather seals ranges. This fantastic seal is designed to be installed around windows to ensure that the elements cannot get in and precious heat from the property cannot escape. The compression seal comes with self-adhesive backings, which means a quick and easy long lasting installation and are able to cover gaps of up to 24mm.

All of our energy saving seals, weather seals and compressions are available to be delivered next day and also many are available with manufacturers warranty. If you require more information about any of our seals please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 0113 2713266 or alternatively feel free to email us.

From £5.95 + Vat LAS1020 P Shaped Compression Seal
£47.50 + Vat Reddiplex Bubble compression seal
£3.95 + Vat Superseal Draught Excluding Seal
£15.95 + Vat Draught Proof Letterplate
From £9.80 + Vat Draught Excluder Tape
£85.75 + Vat LAS3005 Joinery Seal
£99.75 + Vat LAS3006 Joinery Seal
From £6.10 + Vat LAS1030 E Shaped Compression Seal
£2.75 + Vat Lorient Firtree LAS1011
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