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When To Use Acoustic Seals

There are many buildings in the Leeds area that would benefit massively from acoustic seals such as office buildings, schools and drama theatres - however not everyone knows ...
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fire door and how is it tested?


The term ‘fire door’ usually refers to a fire door leaf, the main component of a fire door assembly or doorset.
The door leaf is installed into a fire-rated frame, complete with its ‘essential ironmongery’ to make the door perform correctly in the event of a fire. 
The door is tested as a complete assembly or doorset, and can only work correctly if installed using the same compatible components as when it was tested.


What gaps are required around a door and its frame?

Before installation

How do I fit glazed or non-glazed apertures in a fire door?

What is a Fire Doorset?

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