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Noberne Seals offer a wide range of fire rated glazing seals from all the major manufacturers including Pyroplex, Lorient, Hodgson and Sealmaster. Many of our glazing seals are 30-60 minute fire rated which means that they can withstand flames and heat for up to 30 or 60 minutes depending on which seal you choose.

Our choice of glazing seals can be used in timber fire doors or glazed screens providing exceptional protection. In addition to great protection they also come in a choice of colours to match and blend into the glazing bead or fire door finish.

One of our most popular glazing seals is the System 90, this particular seal offers an outstanding 60 minute fire rating. Using a U channel, the seal sits under and around a pane providing a secure seal. The seal is available in 27mm x 27mm x 2100mm and in a choice of colours.

We also stock a range of glazing tapes which are ideal for use in environments that has high exposure to moisture. Glazing tape has an exposed adhesive side, which is specifically designed to securely stick to window and glazing bead. The inner side of glazing tape is designed for use on only glass. Using special adhesive designed for use on just glass or frames offers a much more secure fit than those which a designed for a range of different surfaces.

Most of our Glazing Tape is tested to BS476: Part22 & EN1634: Part 4:1998.

If you require more information about any of our glazing seals or glazing tape please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 0113 2713266 or alternatively feel free to email us.

£13.06 + Vat Fireglaze Glazing Compound 310ml Cartridge
£15.10 + Vat Fireglaze Glazing Liner 63mm x 2mm x 2100mm
From £10.55 + Vat Firestrip 30 Glazing tape 15m x 12mm x 3mm
£78.30 + Vat Pyroplex 30049 Glazing Gasket
£13.49 + Vat Glazing Kit 60min rated
£112.20 + Vat Glazing U Channel (8193) 30min rated.
£2.02 + Vat LX5402 Palusol Liner 54mm x 2mm x 1050mm
£132.60 + Vat System 36/10 17mm x 17mm x 30m
£140.25 + Vat System 36/15 20mm x 22mm x 30m
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