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Intumescent Fire Seals Products

Intumescent Seals are the latest generation in fire seals boasting new and exciting features. These seals are designed to be used within fire door assemblies, this is extremely important to controlling fire spreading through buildings.

Using an Intumescent Seal helps to control the fire, it is assembled with PVC casings, which contain an expandable graphite or soduim silicate based compound. This compound is completely unaffected from moisture in the air. This means that the intumescent seal does not require any protection whilst being installed.

Once the seal reaches a certain temperature, the expandable graphite compound inside the intumescent seal will release a foam. This foam then fills the door leaf to frame gap offering a secure seal. This seal helps stabilise fire door assemblies as they move and expand under the heat of the fire. This is the reason why more and more builders are using intumescent seals for fire protection.

The range of intumescent seals that Noberne Seals supply are available in a variety of sizes and colours to help blend into a door frame perfectly. Each seal that we stock are designed to meet your fire ratings and design finishes. All our seals can be dispatched for next day delivery

If you require more information about any of our intumescent seals please do not hesitate to contact our fire seal team on 0113 2713266 or feel free to email us.

£0.74 + Vat Fire Door Seal 10mm x 4mm x 2100mm
£1.09 + Vat Fire Door Seal 15mm x 4mm x 2100mm
£1.56 + Vat Fire Door Seal 20mm x 4mm x 2100mm
£2.73 + Vat Fire Door Seal 25mm x 4mm x 2100mm
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