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Ironmongery & Hardware Protection Products

Noberne Seals has a large choice of fire door hardware protection, which are ideal for a quick cost effective way to protect all the necessary door hardware for a fire door. By ordering our fire door hardware protection you are helping to bring your fire doors up to fire standards.

By fitting  fire door protection to a fire door can have a large impact on a doors fire resistance. For example using materials with low pressure intumescent you help to insulate the ironmongery against heat that can radiate through to the fire door. Therefore to comply with fire regulations it is crucial that you use a fire door hardware protection to fully protect your fire doors.

In addition to our fire door hardware protection, fire seal store also supplies pyroplex intumescent sheets. These sheets have been specifically designed for architectural fire resistant door protection. They are able to provide concealed protection for associated door hardware, such as locks or hinges. Pyroplex intumescent sheets will help create a barrier between the door hardware and the door properties during a fire. This is crucial as when a building is aflame door handles and hinges act as a heat conductor and if not sufficiently protected could lead to integrity and insulation failure.

Pyroplex intumescent sheets can also be used in electrical installations, they would be typically used for electrical box protection or used with conjunction of down lighter covers. Our intumescent sheets are fire rated for up to 1 hour and are 1.8mm in thickness.

All of our fire door hardware sets and Pyroplex intumescent sheets are available to be delivered next day and also many are available with manufacturers warranty. If you require more information about any of our fire door hardware sets or Pyroplex intumescent sheets please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 0113 2713266 or alternatively feel free to email us.

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