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To ensure that your building is fully fire protected it is recommended that all door hardware is fire rated, this includes fire rated letter plates and fire rated door viewers. If you have protected a door fully with fire door sets and intumescent sheets, it's just as important to also protect the remainder of the door to ensure a fully protected door.

Our choice of fire rated letter plates have been tested to a range of 30-60 minutes, this means that it should resist fire for up to 30-60 minutes depending which model you choose. In addition to providing fire resistance properties, this fire rated letter plate also protects you against smoke. It is tested in accordance with BS 476: Pt. 31: 1: 1983. Our letter plates come in a choice of colours, gold and silver to match your door perfectly.

In addition to our letter plates we also supply fire rated door viewers. The viewer has a rating of up to 60 minutes, meaning it can be resistant from fire for up to 60 minutes. Our door viewer allows the view callers from a convenient location and does not cause discomfort. Our range of fire rated letter plates and door viewers are an ideal companion to our fire seals. We also provide a range of fire safety signage, such as 'fire door keep shut' signs, extremely important in public buildings.

All of our fire rated letterplates and fire rated door viewers are available to be delivered next day and also many are available with manufacturers warranty. If you require more information about any of our fire rated letterplates and fire rated door viewers please do not hesitate to contact our technical team on 0113 2713266 or alternatively feel free to email us.

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£17.01 + Vat Door Viewer
£24.75 + Vat Fire & Smoke Letter Plate 30 Minute
£16.98 + Vat Noberne Letterplate 60 Minute
£1.55 + Vat Fire Identification Discs
£21.50 + Vat Door Viewer (Slim Profile)
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